Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Kaleen Community Hall

Canberra's Community Juggling Club

Weekly skillshare sessions for all ages and abilities are run each week at the Kaleen Community Hall. Whether you've been juggling your whole life or didn't know the community existed, come join us and give it a go!

What to expect.

A juggling club is a social group where people can practice juggling and share skills with one another. 

The club has different types of juggling equipment including balls, clubs and rings which can be used by members to learn and practice different skills.

Some weeks members may organise informal juggling games, or more structured/well known activities such as volley club or juggling combat. There is always space to continue practicing if not everyone wants to participate, though we do pride ourselves on making these games accessible to those at beginner levels!

Where possible we ask that people contribute $5 towards hall hire though we never want this to be a barrier to attendance.