Fight Night Combat

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Open Registration

The information you need from each person is

Firstname Lastname | Have they participated in a registered FNC tournament before?

If yes → remind them to be back on time for qualifications

If new → what nationality and gender would they like recorded? 

Close Registration

Registration closes when the finalised list of players is entered into this page: 

Even if you're running a tournament with a single group, processing it through the site has two benefits: 

Digital Setup

Make copies

The recommended use of the digital system is through the following two templates:

FNC Data Entry (Google Form)

FNC Data Entry (Google Sheets)

Make a copy of each document to your own google drive. I recommend labelling it with the tournament and year.

Customise to your tournament

In the Google Form Select: Responses> Link to Sheets > Select Existing Spreadsheet 

Select the sheet you just labelled.

The new sheet that it has added to this workbook should be relabelled from 

‘Form Responses #’ to ‘RawMatchResults’

From the FNC page copy the player information into the ‘Data from FNC’ table. 

Note that unregistered players require manual entry - refer to the registration sheet for their names, leave the dummy numbers (10001, 10002 etc) in place.

Once this is done, move to the 'Registered Users' sheet, copy the names of all participants. Then moving to the google form, paste this list of names in the 'who won' and 'who lost' answer sections.

Display Groups / Tournament Start

The final check before starting the tournament is to get the scoreboard up so that players know who to verse. The readable scoreboard sheet  can be displayed on a projector, tv or small screen and then transcribed onto a whiteboard or paper. 

If you have more than 20 people in one group an additional step is required.

Data Entry

On the Google Form press the preview icon to start inputting data (recording who won) into the spreadsheet. 

As FNC qualifiers work on a first to three basis, by recording only the winner and then the loser’s points the spreadsheet automatically gives three points to the winner and then the designated points to the loser.